Enthusiastic,widely qualified, specialist teacher.

University of life
I am an enthusiastic teacher with 30 years experience in education from toddler groups to A-level. I live in Helmsley North Yorkshire with 4 teenage children, all of whom learn and engage with learning in totally different ways. As a teacher and parent, they have given me a great insight into the learning processes and the stresses that students have to deal with at school today.

Tutoring. One to One.
I am a fully qualified primary and secondary school teacher, having taught for 30 years in both Leeds and Ryedale schools. I teach the full range of primary subjects plus Secondary, Literacy, French, Maths, Geography and P.E.

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Specialist Tutoring for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
For some years, I have been grateful to work one to one with students experiencing
difficulties with reading, writing, phonological awareness and maths, as well as working with students with a range of disabilities such as Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD.

Specialist Tutoring. Dyslexia.
I am a professional member of the BDA, and hold current Assessment and Teacher Practising Certificates for SpLD (Dyslexia).

For many years I have been supporting, guiding and tutoring dyslexic children and adults.
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Assessing Dyslexia.
When it comes to examinations, a young person with dyslexia may require extra time to read the papers during an exam. An assessment report may help to ensure that he/she gets that extra time.
If you are thinking about university, you may have to consider a student disability allowance.

DSA funding grants.
I am qualified to assess for Dyslexia and write Diagnostic Assessment reports for individuals, Schools Access Arrangements for Examinations, and for DSA Funding Grants.

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How do I teach?
I aim to engage my students through an enjoyable, stimulating, multi- sensory learning environment. This enables confidence and self esteem to be developed.

The building blocks for learning can be embedded, and students can reach their potential.

High expectations are paramount but goals are realistic and achievable. Much of my students learning and progress is based upon identifying pupil’s strengths, weaknesses and talents, plus their preferred learning styles and areas for development. A Learning profile is created unique to each individual student and an individualised learning program is established.

I am fully qualified to do this and have substantial experience in developing and engaging individual structured programs to support and enhance their learning.

I was myself an international canoeist and competed at world championships.
My children have traditionally followed; heavily involved in running, triathlon, swimming and rugby at national and international level.

At university I studied Geography and sports science, followed by a PGCE qualification Leeds.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (secondary) Degree
Advanced Diploma In Primary Education. Trinity College.
Postgraduate Level 7 qualification in SpLD (Dyslexia) Edge-hill University
Teaching Practising Certificate for SpLD (Dyslexia) AMBDA
Assessment Practising Certificate AMBDA

DELIVERING ONE TO ONE TUITION AND TESTING IN YORKSHIRE,SPECIALISING IN DYSLEXIA This meaningful and eye catching mnemonic was developed with my children in a brain storming session.

What they say about me.
Many parents and teachers have praised the transformation in the children and adults that I have helped, crediting it to ; ‘teaching to the way they learn’ and not insisting on traditional methods. Each child or adult with an SpLD is unique and will have strengths and weaknesses.

These must be used to unlock their learning.

MARY: 40 YEAR OLD. Mary’s Mother said, “My daughter has struggled for years until Karen came along. She now looks forward to Karen’s visits and has come on in leaps and bounds. We wished we’d met her earlier.”

PARENT WITH 10 YEAR OLD tutored for eighteen months.
Student: “Karen is fun and explains everything and makes it easy for me to understand. Karen often comes during the holidays, which helps me when I go back at start of term.”

CHRIS,16 I didn’t think that I could do anything, now I want to be an Astrophysicist.

CHRIS’S MUM:- Chris went to secondary school unable to read. He has just sent a bunch of flowers to Karen for the help in attaining 8 GCSEs, grade C and above, including English and Maths.

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