ONE TO ONE Tutoring
We offer One to One Tutoring at all levels, whether you are wanting
to improve grades, prepare for an exam or to just get ahead of your
curriculum to gain extra confidence for the coming term.
If these are your aims then my One to One Tutoring is for you!

ONE TO ONE TUTORING. Special Needs Educational Needs and Disabilities SEND.
My specialist teacher qualification has enabled me to witness the success of many young students in their journey to independence.

I have been successfully tutoring in this area for many years.

ASSESSING a new students needs.
I will initially carefully assess with my student their abilities and learning needs and plan out a fun pathway for the student to progress. I always look forward to my visits with anticipation of what we will achieve together, and I am told the tutees always enjoy my teaching visits.

TUTORING for Dyslexia
Firstly, I will carefully assess for the strengths and weaknesses that the individual is experiencing and work out an approach that will fit their abilities. This will not be set in stone, but will enable me to refine my approach as we make the most effective use of their talents.

Dyslexia is a complex neuro-diverse learning difference.Thirty five percent of top entrepreneurs are dyslexic. It should be seen as a gift and that is the approach I use.

I am a loud proud dyslexic that learns in a different way. I don’t have a disability, I am different and wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were all the same

With a specialist qualification in this area, I can find a way to teach in the way that the individual learns.

When it comes to school exams, I am fully qualified to assess the abilities of children for JCQ examination access arrangements. (This could mean that they may be awarded extra time to do their exams).

I am also qualified to examine and make an assessment and prepare DSA reports prior to university entrance.
For more information about my assessments and Dyslexia,

please click here for Dyslexia and here for Assessments.