DSA and going out into the world!

It’s a year now since I started my business, during which my son has had a formal assessment for Dyslexia. I wish I had had it done sooner.I am now a proud Mum of a student at the University of Leeds studying Geography and Geology. The support he has through his DSA and from the university, as a result of a formal diagnosis is unbelievable. It’s just such a shame that it’s not available to make A – Levels easier. So many of my assessments have been done this year, for students that GOT through GCSE’s, but fell to pieces at A – Level, leaving with a feeling that they didn’t reach their potential. This is some of the equipment that is helping to support my son. How much easier would it have been if this equipment and software had been available throughout school so that he hadn’t had to grips with its at University. He didn’t realize that a scribe can mean simply talking into a computer? He wasn’t aware of the software available to help write and organise essays or to take notes in lectures? Make sure your youngster has the resources they need. Feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns you have as your young adult moves off to university, college or the world of work.